Jeremy Hoye Jewellery has been based in Brighton for 20 years, and while we’ve seen many changes, Brighton still stands in the heart and inspiration of our unusual and edgy jewellery brand. There’s so many reasons why we love Brighton, to name but a few:

Jeremy Hoye Brighton – Why we love it so!

west pier

The Sea

Being near the sea is a truly wonderful thing. Changeable and dramatic, a stimulant and a sedative, living and working so close to the sea has no doubt inspired and influenced us over the years. There’s nothing to clear a fuzzy design-mind better than a sea swim!


Rebellious History

Dating back to Prince George in the 19th Century who was such a rebel he moved and set up Brighton, a new town exclusively for his royal pleasure when London got too hot. Brighton has always been a centre for rebels and free-thinkers. Last year marked 50 years of Mod history in Brighton, and the true Mod attitude is alive and kicking today. At Jeremy Hoye Brighton, we ignore current trends and carve our own niche, a philosophy that has meant our designs are true to our own unique aesthetic, and as a result do not date or age. Our customers have been known to wear our iconic designs for decades!



Arts & Crafts

Not only is Brighton renowned for being a centre for artistry and true craft, it also has a huge amount of independent thinkers, performers and artisans. It’s impossible to walk five minutes in Brighton without spotting an incredible piece of street art or tripping over someone’s crochet-bomb. A walk round the park could mean catching an impromptu oboe performance or a dazzling trapeze display. There’s a creative electricity to the air, that’s different from anywhere else, and such an atmosphere has an effect on the whole town. This ‘buzz’ is what’s driven Jeremy Hoye Jewellery to remain at the forefront of alternative jewellery design, and emboldened us to pursue the unconventional.


The Lanes & North Laines

In other words; independent traders. So few towns can claim to have such a high proportion of entrepreneurs and indie shopkeepers in such a concentrated area, so many town-centres are now soulless cut-and-paste chain stores. We love the vibrancy and personality of Brighton’s independent traders, and we’re fiercely proud to be one of them, and we support our comrades in any way we can. We believe this is what keeps Brighton as one of the UK’s top shopping destinations, with Jeremy Hoye Jewellery at front-and-centre.


So Much To Do!

Brighton is known for being a party town – there’s always something going on, with events to suit every lifestyle and preference. Whether it’s the cultural extravaganza of May’s Fringe Festival, a rainbow-flavoured carnival of August’s Pride parade, the frenetic local music scene, or December’s Iconic Burning of the Clocks. Every single weekend leaves you debating which event to choose.



Jeremy Hoye Brighton – Inspired Jewellery for any Occasion

With all this stimulation, it’s no wonder that Jeremy Hoye Brighton leads the way for bespoke and curious jewellery. We are proud of our unique range of designs – and whether you’re a true Brightonian or a day tripper soaking up all that Brighton has to offer, we urge you to pay us a visit and find the perfect jewellery piece for any occasion.